Why Stainless Steel Is The Best Work Surface In Your Food Production Plant

29 August 2015
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


If your plant is involved in the production of food, you should consider installing stainless steel work surfaces, if your company does not have them already. Although some food processing plants do opt for different materials, there are a few reasons why stainless steel is the work surface of choice for these types of companies. These are some of these reasons.

Keep Your Work Surfaces Clean

As you probably already know, keeping the work surfaces in your food production plant clean and sanitary should be a number one priority. Unfortunately, not all work surfaces are easy to thoroughly clean and sanitize. Even if you have your employees wipe them down frequently, bacteria could get harbored in nooks and crannies and could cause food contamination and other issues.

Luckily, this is not as much of a problem with stainless steel. In fact, many commercial kitchens use stainless steel counter tops and other work and food preparation surfaces for a reason -- it's extremely easy to clean. As long as you opt for stainless steel that is rated for use for food production, you are sure to find that it's easy to get rid of germs and prevent cross-contamination and other sanitation issues. Cleaning each work surface with a good disinfectant throughout the work day should help, and stainless steel can even withstand pressure washing, which can help with major clean-up jobs.

Enjoy More Durable Work Surfaces

After sanitation and producing high-quality products for your customer base, saving your company money is probably another big priority for you. Luckily, opting for stainless steel work surfaces for your food production plant can be a very smart financial decision.

Basically, stainless steel work surfaces are very durable and are designed to last. Even when your employees are using sharp knives and other food preparation equipment that could easily damage other work surfaces, you shouldn't have anything to worry about with stainless steel. Although the appearance of your stainless steel work surfaces can go downhill after years of use, you shouldn't have to worry about the surface itself becoming seriously damaged.

As you can see, stainless steel is the number one choice if you are looking for the right work surface for our food production plant. Even though some plants do utilize other types of work surfaces, if you are looking for the best of the best, you may want to consider having stainless steel installed for all of the work surfaces in your food manufacturing plant. Contact a company like C & R Pipe & Steel for more information.