FAQ About Rooftop Equipment Screens

11 October 2016
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


Do you hate the look of the air handler to your HVAC system sitting on top of the building that you purchased? The solution to the problem might be to invest in a rooftop equipment screen to surround it. Sometimes there are actually regulations in place that makes it mandatory for rooftop equipment to be screened in, so you might want to find out about it. Take a look at this article to learn more about rooftop equipment screens to decide if getting one is ideal for your needs.

What is a Rooftop Equipment Screen?

A rooftop equipment screen is a series of panels that can be installed around your air handler unit. The panels will keep the air handler hidden, while also adding aesthetic appeal to your business. You can actually purchase the screens in a variety of colors to complement the overall look of your business. There are some rooftop equipment screen companies that will customize the screen for you. For instance, the screen can be fabricated with a texture that is like other areas of your building, such as with ridges.

Will the Screen Remain Stable in High Wind Speeds?

You don't have to worry about your rooftop equipment screen falling down on windy days. However, severe wind speeds such as those associated with tornados can knock the screen down. All you will have to do in such a place is hire a professional to make repairs. It does not require a large amount of work to put the screens up.

What Kind of Material Are the Screens Constructed Of?

Rooftop equipment screens are commonly constructed out of aluminum. The metal is coated and will be able to resist rust, which will keep it durable when making contact with rainwater. You can also opt for screens that are protected against the damage that ultraviolet radiation can cause. Some of the screens are coated with an ultraviolet radiation protection sealant on both sides of the panels.

Can the Air Handler Be Easily Accessed?

You don't have to worry about HVAC contractors having a difficult time accessing the air handler unit. When maintenance to the air handler is being done, all the contractors will have to do is slide a panel or open a door. There will also be plenty of walking space behind the screen so contractors can have a comfortable work area. Visit a rooftop equipment screen dealer, such as Pacific Sheet Metal, as soon as you are ready to make the investment.