Tips When Choosing Non-Fat Dry Milk Media For Cooking

25 July 2022
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


If you have food operations that require you to use non-fat dry milk (NFDM) media, it's important to choose the right variety so that you have no issues when making certain things. It might be ice cream, cottage cheese, or meat products. Using these tips, you can make a solid NFDM media purchase the first time. 

Identify the Ingredients Used

The taste and properties that you'll be able to access when working with NFDM depend on the ingredients used to make it. You thus want to go through this ingredient list so that you can verify you're targeting the right milk media product in particular.

Some of the more standard ingredients include things like proteins, moisture, fat, and lactose. You just want to find out this exact composition because it's going to make it easier to find an NFDM with relevant qualities based on what you're using it for in cooking operations. 

Make Sure Ample Safety Testing Has Been Conducted

Since you're using NFDM for food operations where consumption will be involved at some point, you need to put a lot of emphasis on the safety aspect of this dry milk media product. Then you won't put anyone at risk when consuming your products and thus won't be held liable later down the road.

Find an NFDM manufacturer that has conducted plenty of tests to verify their products are safe for consumption. If they have backing from the Food and Drug Administration, then that's a good sign ample safety tests were performed and nothing adverse was found.

Review Storage Protocols Carefully

Whatever type of NFDM you end up purchasing for cooking operations, make sure you go through the suggested storage protocols carefully. Then, even if you don't use this milk media for a while, you can still keep it in optimal condition and thus not have to throw it out.

The supplier you purchase from should have step-by-step storage instructions indicating the temperature range that this milk media product needs to be kept at and the shelf-life you can expect to get with certain storage protocols. Review all of these requirements before purchasing non-fat dry milk media so that you don't affect the batch quality at all. 

You can make a lot of things using NFDM products. You just need to find a batch with the right ingredients and quality. Then you can maximize this milk media in strategic ways when cooking various things. 

For more information about non-fat dry milk media, contact a local supplier.